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Monicure Palace World Famous Sugar Scrub

"I've been using Monicure Palace sugar scrubs for a few months now and to say that I've seen a significant difference in my skin would be an extreme understatement. It feels like I've had a skin transplant! The combination of oils and brown sugar used in her scrubs leave my skin feeling like velvet, and not just for a few hours!  The effects are long-lasting and have truly transformed my skin texture. I've tried many scrubs and nothing has come close to Monicure Palace sugar scrubs."

                             -ShaTonya Stewart


Orange Dreamsicle
Lemon Pound Cake
Mango Papaya Smoothie
Cherry Almond Truffle
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Lavender Dream

Peaches & Lavender

Caribbean Coconut

Tutti Frutti

Island Escape
Bourbon Vanilla

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